Review Board Members Application Process

RDS is recruiting for Peer Review Board Members to support the peer review process. Members have an important role in the peer review of international disability studies proposals.

We are looking for members with expertise in a wide range of scholarly expertise. If you are interested please see the application process below:

Conditions of Members Include:

  1. Evaluate 2-4 manuscripts a year and determine if the manuscript is (a) publishable without revisions, (b) publishable with simple revisions that can be made by the editors, (c) publishable with revisions made by the author, or (d) not publishable.
  2. Provide specific feedback to the editors and the authors about style, presentation, and content.
  3. Serve on the Review Board for a period of three years.
  4. Conduct anonymous peer reviews, which involve an extra level of scrutiny, and reviewers must follow a specific set of guidelines.
  5. Subscribe to RDS as an individual or subscribe as an institutional subscription. RDS Review Board Members are required to maintain an active subscription to the journal. Exceptions can be made for individuals who cannot afford the subscription price, at the discretion of the managing editor.
  6. Attend online Review Board Member Meetings (introduction meeting, annual meeting, etc).

Application Process

Review Board Membership are open to any members representing Disability Studies. Please see below for the 8-Step Application Process.

  1. Login into your RDS Open Journal Systems (OJS) Account at RDS Journal Home Page
  2. On the User Home page, click on link [New Submission] link (see red circle below)Screenshot: RDS Submission Button
  3. On the Step 1: Starting the Submission page select the following:
    • Journal Section – Select “Review Board Application” in the drop down menu (see red circle below)
    • Submission Checklist – Click or opt-in all boxes (see red circle below)
    • Copyright Notice – Click or opt-in into the one box (see red circle below)

    Click the “Save and Continue” button (see red circle below)
    Screenshot: Required Fields on Submission Application Form

  4. On the Step 2: Uploading the Submission please upload your current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    • Click “Browse” button and select file from your computer (see red circle below)
    • Click “Upload” button (see red circle below)
    • Click the “Save and Continue” button (see red circle below)

    Screenshot: Submission Upload Option

  5. On the Step 3: Entering the Submission’s Metadata page please enter or update your profile information.Screenshot: Form for Entering Submission Meta Data
  6. On the Step 4: Updating Supplementary Files page, upload your completed “RDS Reviewer Interests and Expertise Form”DOWNLOAD THE INTEREST AND EXPERTISE FORM
    Screenshot: Uploading Supplementary Files
  7. On the Step 5: Confirming the Submission page, click the “Finish Submission” button to submit (see red circle below)Screenshot: Submission Confirmation Page
  8. Please double check your email associated with your OJS account for a “Submission Acknowledgement” email. If you did not receive an acknowledgment email please contact RDSJ at rdsj@hawaii.eduScreenshot: Submission Confirmation Email