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Volume 14, Issue 3 is now available!

Launching RDS Journal’s open-access issue with special forum, ‘Dismantling Ableism: The Moral Imperative for School Leaders,’ with Guest Editors Dr. Holly Manaseri & Dr. Josh Bornstein. Including a featured Editorial by RDS Forums Editor Dr. Jenifer Barclay, a first-person creative works perspective, and our ongoing effort to highlight the latest in Disability Studies dissertations and abstracts.

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Forum Introduction

Dismantling Ableism: The Moral Imperative for School Leaders

Guest Forum Editors: Holly Manaseri, Ph.D, University of Rochester & Josh Bornstein, Ph.D, Fairleigh Dickinson University
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“This is a special issue dedicated to exploring the efforts used in leadership development sectors such as education, public health and public administration to explicitly address abelism as a part of the professional training program....

Forum Research Articles

Disability Studies and Educational Leadership Preparation: The Moral Imperative

Josh Bornstein, Ph.D, Fairleigh Dickinson University, & Holly Manaseri, Ph.D, University of Rochester
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Socially Just Educators Staying True to Themselves: The Role of Administrators Within or Outside of their Social Support Network

Carrie Eileen Rood, Ph.D, SUNY College at Cortland
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Towards an Indigenous Leadership Paradigm for Dismantling Ableism

Hollie J. Mackie, Ph.D, University of Oklahoma
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Wounding: Individual and Cultural Marginalization of a Student and Parent “Too Difficult to Serve”

Laura Franklin, Ed.D, Wayne State College
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“Yachts and Guns and Bears – oh my!”: The Ministry of Truth… errrrr, Department of Education in Trump’s America

Jenifer L. Barclay, Ph.D, Washington State University
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Creative Works


Lindsay Lee Heller, Hawaii
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Disability Studies Dissertations Abstracts

Dissertation & Abstracts v14i3

Jonathon Erlen , PhD, University of Pittsburgh & Megan Conway, PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Pennsylvania & Hawaii, USA
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