Volume 14, Issue 4 is now available!

Volume 14, Issue 4 is now available!

Enjoy an international melody of disability studies research, creative works, and best practices in the latest Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, Volume 14,  Issue 4. With the growth of disability studies, this issue highlights researchers & experts from France, Guatemala, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, and the United States. Read more at http://bit.ly/RDSv14i4.



An Entry for the Irish Sporting Pages: Remember Susan O’Hara

Megan Conway. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDS902



Disability Policy and Wheelchair Users’ Accessibility in Jordan

Mohammad Ali Mulazadeh, Talal Soliman Alharbi. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ770


Can We Say They are Also Beautiful? Disability is Not a Curse

Mahtab Ahmad. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ796


Aversive Ableism: Modern Prejudice Towards Disabled People

Carli Friedman. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ811


Parents With and Without Disabilities: Demographics, Material Hardship, and Program Participation

Rajan Anthony Sonik, Susan L Parish, Monika Mitra, Joanne Nicholson. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ822



On Dance and Aging: An Interview with Berlin-Based Researcher-Dancer Susanne Martin

Raphael Raphael. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ867


Stories Our Bodies Tell: The Phenomenology of Anecdotes, Comings Out, and Embodied Autoethnographies

Slava Greenberg. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ883



Inclusive Economic Strategy For People With Disabilities: Proactive Management, Organizational Change: A Reasoned Approach to Disability

Bachir Kerroumi. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ829


Dissertation & Abstracts v14i4

Jonathon Erlen & Megan Conway. Read online at http://bit.ly/RDSJ900


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